At Nova R Wealth, wealth management and financial planning always begins and ends with our clients.

We employ a four step process in helping build your investment plan.

Step 1: Getting to know you

We always begin with a rigorous discovery process to determine your investment objectives and needs. Our experienced professionals will meet with you to learn about —

  • Your current financial plan
  • Your lifestyle objectives
  • Your appetite for risk
  • Upcoming major life events, including births, weddings, and retirement.

Step 2: Building your plan

Melding your unique objectives with the uncertainties of today’s market in mind, Nova R Wealth always takes careful consideration to preserve and build assets with a planned portfolio of investments, insurance, and other assets custom created to meet your goals.

Since we’ve taken the time to know you and your unique situation, goals, and style, we will combine the balance of equities for growth, investments that hedge risk, and fixed income that works for you. The result is strong yet dynamic portfolios crafted to achieve growth over time and protect against major downward swings in the market – a balanced perspective that gives you peace of mind and financial control.

Step 3: Implementing your strategy

With a thorough assessment of your needs and with the asset allocation strategy in place, the next crucial step is to carefully integrate asset managers that attempt to control risk while maximizing the potential for return.

Step 4: Keeping you on track

Investing in the portfolio is really only the beginning of the process. On an ongoing basis, your portfolio will be monitored to ensure it remains on track to help achieve the investment goals and objectives.

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